Hey people-

Hoping you had a solid Memorial Day weekend and also took an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices those individuals have made in order to give us this righteous and glorious land we call America.  Simply said, we hit the jackpot having the opportunity to live in this country.  Cheers to the USA!

The current crops are growing at a quality pace.  The 4 Banana Hammock clones are smaller in stature and slightly bushier, while the Rawtton plants have really taken off in height, while developing some of the largest fan leaves I’ve ever seen!  Both plants began the flowering stage on May 18th and will likely need a solid 5-8 weeks to really gdevelop the nugs.

In the meantime, the goal will be to keep them well hydrated and in a comfortable environment.  Not only that, but gotta keep the pests away.  I’m confident that with the proper care, we should have a quality harvest, and ideally the largest as we have 10 plants in the works.

One of four Banana Hammock clones. Notice the small nugget developing at the tip of the plant.

As always, please email me back, text, or call with any questions, comments, concerns, philosophical complexities, updates, etc.  Don’t feel obligated, but obviously, it’s nice hearing from you people. This applies to both the cannabis or cancer updates. Hoping you’re well.. Also, shoutout to all those teachers out there- almost entering summer time and chill mode. WoooWeee!




My name is Andrew Flack aka The California Kid. I’m a special education teacher, hockey player, dog lover (RIP Dora), pizza connoisseur, cancer warrior, space nerd, cannabis advocate, and globe trotter. I attribute my success to grit, grind, eternal optimism, family, friends, and the unique coaches and teammates I’ve encountered throughout ice rinks across the world.